Welcome to the Adventures of the Junior Sentinels

Thirty years ago, in a near-future sci-fi in which hundreds of people around the world developed powers and now most are engaged in productively advancing mankind. We have expanded out through the solar system with research bases and habitations, including some small colonies. Sovereign governments have mostly collapsed and people are generally a ‘citizen’ of one mega corporation or another. Spoiler: The corporations are not altruistic. Or cool.

Coming out of the shadows is a new organization, fed up with seeing people, powered or otherwise, being used up and tossed out.

The Sentinels of the Solar System are the powered people committed to righting wrongs, lifting up the downtrodden, and rescuing martian mars cats from martian mars trees.

And you all are their trainees. You're the descendants. The offspring. The wards. The adopted. The apprentices. The Sidekicks. So what happens to the smaller problems that fall through the cracks when the real Sentinels are out fighting to stop Mercury from falling into the sun? And how are you ever going to finish that school report in time?!

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